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Root Canal Treatment Spokane Valley, WA

Back view of male dentist pointing at tooth X-ray image on screen during consultation in modern dental clinic at Coulter Family Dentistry in Spokane Valley, WAIf you are suffering from a damaged or painful tooth, you may need a root canal.

Come see our dentists in Spokane Valley, WA for a dental examination to find out what is going on.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative procedure to help get rid of infected pulp.

The pulp comprises the nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels that assist tooth growth.

After removing the pulp, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed. This treatment process will remove your tooth pain, and most importantly, it prevents tooth loss.

The main cause of pain is not the treatment itself but the infection. To ensure you don't feel pain, the dentist applies anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area before the process starts.

You are likely to experience some tenderness after the treatment, but you can alleviate it by using over-the-counter medicines.

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Who Needs A Root Canal?

A root canal is suitable for people with infected, injured, or inflamed pulp. Also, it is ideal for people with a deep cavity, a cracked tooth, or those with issues from previous fillings.

The bacteria destroy the pulp and then enter the root openings, leading to bone infection.

As a result, the bone gets weak and breaks down, causing the ligaments surrounding the tooth to swell and loosen the tooth.

If the infection is not treated, it spreads to other areas and can lead to tooth extraction if it becomes severe.

Patients with injured pulp are sensitive to high and low temperatures anytime they take hot or cold drinks. People who experience severe pain when biting or chewing need a root canal.

In addition, if you have swollen or tender gums, darkening gums, or pimples on the gums, you require a root canal treatment.

Those who have severe toothaches should make sure to visit our dentist for a dental examination.

If there is any problem that might be affecting you, your dentist will identify it and suggest the best treatment option for you.

Root Canal Procedure

Your dentist will then inject an anesthetic into the gums around the affected tooth. The anesthetic ensures you don't feel any pain during the entire procedure.

After numbing the tooth, our dentist forms a tiny, small opening in the top of the tooth and removes the damaged or injured pulp using files.

Once the pulp is eliminated, your dentist will cover the affected area with antibiotics to treat the infection completely and ensure that there are no chances of reinfection.

Your dentist will wash and disinfect the canals. The tooth is filled and sealed using a rubber-like material or a sealer paste.

Your dentist will then use a soft temporary material to seal the tiny opening in the tooth. The material helps to prevent the canals from saliva damage.

You must revisit the dentist after your root canal. Your doctor will carry out tests to ensure there is no infection around the affected tooth.

Ensure you don't use the damaged tooth to bite or chew until it is filled permanently.

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