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Bone Grafts Spokane Valley, WA

At Coulter Family Dentistry, we understand how hard it can be to deal with tooth loss. When you can't depend on your teeth it can be substantially harder to eat, speak, and many people find themselves smiling less. Fortunately, we offer dental implants, which are a permanent tooth replacement option. For those who have been missing teeth for a long time and are looking to have dental implants placed, bone loss can sometimes be an issue. Dental implants need plenty of healthy bone tissue in the jaw to support them if they are to be successful. With the help of bone grafting, we can help you to achieve your tooth replacement goals!

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a process in which bone is added to an area of the jaw that is deficient. Bone grafting is done in preparation for placement of a dental implant.

The grafting material that we use can come from a few different places. Sometimes we will harvest bone tissue from elsewhere in the patient’s jaw, or near the thigh to accomplish a bone graft. Other times we can use bone tissue from a cadaver. Finally, donor animals can occasionally provide a very successful bone graft. The most common and successful material usually comes from the patient.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

As with all procedures here at Coulter Family Dentistry, we will start by making certain that you feel comfortable and are properly sedated. In the case of bone grafting, some form of sedations is always used. We will apply the sedatives and give them some time to take effect. We will make sure that you are comfortable and we will administer the local anesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain.

If we are using bone from your body, our first step will be to retrieve the bone during a surgical procedure. We will then make an incision in the area where you need the bone graft to gain access to the jaw bone. We will prepare the area to receive the bone graft, and place the graft material. Once the graft material has been placed, we will suture the site closed over the graft, and you will go home to recover.

We will send you home with very specific home care instructions. Avoid brushing or flossing the surgical site until it has healed. We will sometimes request that your rinse your mouth out with warm salt water

Who needs a bone graft?

Some common examples of patient situations requiring bone grafting are immediately after tooth extractions to prevent the bony structure from collapsing in size during the healing period, before or during surgical implant placement for structural need or esthetic tissue needs, or to resolve a bony defect occurring around a tooth root.

The main sources of bone to be added to the deficient sites are from the dental patient, autograft (from a cadaver), allograft (from synthetic sources), alloplastic (plastic) grafts or a combination of any two of these.

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